Scope of our work

The scope of the Cochrane Neurological Sciences Field's interest spans the organization of neurological services and all aspects of prevention, management and treatment of neurological disease, in all healthcare settings.

Textbook of Neruology
The Cochrane Neurological Sciences Field highlight Cochrane Systematic Reviews of neurological interest published or updated in the Cochrane Library.
These reviews were collected in a “browse list” of Neurological Cochrane Reviews posted on its website; we have moved on from there to this Cochrane textbook of neurology, now published as an actual Textbook of Neurological Cochrane Reviews, with sections, titles and a direct link to the abstracts. 

The activities of the Cochrane Neurological Sciences Field include the following:

  • Network with key national and international neurological associations
  • Educate others through workshops, seminars, additional teaching activity and summaries of Cochrane reviews
  • Coordinate EU-financed training workshops on evidence-based neurology
  • Identify journals and clinical trials of neurological interest
  • Notify the neurological community of specific reviews
  • Help Cochrane Review Groups in the production and maintenance of systematic reviews
  • Identify "hot topics" in neurology, consisting of those questions that should be addressed by systematic reviews but currently are not

As the challenge of providing practical, evidence-based care increases and the amount of research grows, the need for independent, high-quality systematic reviews relating to prevention, treatment, palliative care and diagnosis becomes more pressing. If your organization would like to work with the Cochrane Neurological Field to help identify what is effective and what is not effective health practice in neurology and neurosurgery, please contact us.

Educate others through workshops, seminars and additional teaching activity
The Cochrane Neurological Sciences Field uses material contained in systematic reviews for its teaching activities, which include workshops and seminars.